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How to Start A Non ProfitThanks you for visiting our site on starting a non profit. Getting a nonprofit venture off the ground can be tough. Among the 30,000 nonprofits created each year in America, there's a 50 percent failure rate. We have designed our website to provide you will all the tools you need to successfully start and maintain your nonprofit.

Our site not only provides information on starting a non profit, but information on what a nonprofit means, the key steps in forming the non profit, what forms and documents you have to file, sample bylaws and articles of incorporation and state resources to jump start your efforts.

We have also compiled a checklist on starting a non profit that will help you step by step along the way. Also feel free to check out our resources section for more information and links that will help your non profit be a success!

What's A Non Profit?
What's A Non Profit

You have taken the first stride in trying to figure out the steps in starting a non profit, and that first step is becoming informed. This section of our site deals with the differences between a nonprofit and a for-profit organization. This link will also help you clearly distinguish between the two and further explain the five main categories of a nonprofit organization.

What Are The Key Steps to Forming A Non Profit?
Key Steps to Forming a Non Profit

There are very critical steps in forming a nonprofit organization. This section will take you step by step from beginning to end making starting a nonprofit a simple process. Following our step by step guide can make the process of starting a non profit less stressful.

What Forms and Documents Do I Have to File?
Forms and Documents to File for a Non Profit

Before you start the process of becoming a nonprofit organization, you need to know what forms are needed in starting a nonprofit and where to file these forms. You have come to the right place as this section gives you forms step by step, the importance of the forms, fees, where to get the forms and where to file the forms.

Sample Articles of Organization
Sample Articles of Organization

Articles of organizations can be difficult to create. Starting a nonprofit with an effective Article of Organization is jut a click away. This section provides a sample that you can use to start your nonprofit organization. Use the sample provided to start considering your purpose, duration, membership/board of directors, personal liability, dissolution and information on incorporators.

Sample Bylaws
Sample Bylaws

Bylaws for your nonprofit have probably plagued you. Starting a nonprofit requires drafting of effective bylaws as they are important to the success of your organization. Here is a sample bylaw of a nonprofit organization. These bylaws address name, purpose membership, annual meeting, board of directors, committees and amendments.

State Non Profit Requirements
State Requirements

This section is dedicated to starting a nonprofit in your individual state. Our State Resources Page has direct links to individuals state’s State Charities Regulation, State Tax Filings, State Nonprofit Corporation Filings and Small Business and Self Employment Business Filing Information.

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